Monday, January 18, 2010

Idea for First Birthday Party

I thought I would share an idea for a decoration that we used for Giovanni's first birthday party.  His birthday was in September, but I was reminded of this idea a few days ago and thought someone out there might like to try it.

We first chose a picture of Giovanni from every month of his life (1-12).  We printed up these pictures and mounted them on cardboard circles that were covered with bright colored fabric.  We then put sticks on the circles and put them in planters to decorate his birthday table.  It was cute, colorful and I think everyone enjoyed looking at how much he had changed over the year.

I'm sure those of you who live in the US and have more supplies available could take this idea and make it a lot cuter.  And for those of you living in Brazil, this is an easy and inexpensive idea to decorate the birthday table, which is such a big deal here.  A special thanks to my friend, Leni, who painted the planters and had the idea of filling them with popcorn.  So cute!


  1. Maybe we will do that for Baby Sister next year. Good idea.

  2. Thanks for posting Benay! It's always fun to see who keeps up with the blog. I read the spider story from the blumes in brazil blog. Yikes! Praying the heat (and spiders) go away soon.