Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"One of" the Artists in the Family

Yesterday, my second daughter, Ansley, reported to me that the only pictures that I had used on my blog so far were ones that she had taken.  She was right.  Ansley is a super-creative girl and has a great eye.......
for taking pictures.

Lately, she has had a lot of fun learning to edit pictures.  We use a site called Picnik.com.  You can do fun things with your pictures for free, or pay a small monthly or yearly fee and do more things.  I thought I would give a quick explanation for how we made the picture at the top of my blog.

Here is the original picture that Ansley took:
We uploaded it onto Picnik and then under the "create" section, we applied the action called "boost".  I think it just boosts the color.  After that, it looked like this:
I thought this was beautiful, but then we were playing around and also applied the action called "posterize".  (still under the "create" tab.)  Then we clicked on "text" and added the words.  And that is how the header for the blog turned out. 
I thought it was really cool and thought you might like to try out Picnik for yourself and play around with some of your photos.

And....thanks, Ansley, for sharing your talents with me.  Like I said in the title, she is one of the artists in our family.  I'll share more about the others later.

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  1. On another subject... I think I need Ansley's advice on what to do with my eyebrows. Wow, what a gorgeous picture of her. If I send her a picture of me, do you think she could use some of the applications and make me look like that?