Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Story

One of the reasons that I love to read blogs is to get inspired.  Recently, I read this post of all the home improvements this girl had done, and was inspired to get something done around my house as well.  NieNie constantly inspires me with her determination to keep going and find the beauty in her life.  But, this post isn't about home improvements or other blogs.

I started thinking about what in my own life might inspire someone out there.  I can think of a lot things about me that would NOT inspire someone.  But the story that came to my mind that might inspire was the story of how our family ended up in Brazil working as missionaries.  And it's not a short story - more like an epic or a saga... So I am thinking that each Friday, I will tell part of the story.  

John 9 is one of my favorite parts of the Bible.  In this chapter, Jesus sees a man who has been blind from birth.  His disciples ask "why did this happen?  Did this man sin, or his parents?"  I think all of us ask "why" sometimes.  I know I have, and still do, ask why in relation to our family being in Brazil.  But look at what Jesus says next in John 9.  He says that neither the man or his parents sinned, but that it had happened so that the work of God could be displayed in the man's life.  He then displays God's work in the form of a miraculous healing.  People in the city notice that something is different about the man and they ask him about it.  He gives no glory to himself, but just simply tells what Jesus did for him.  And God is glorified.

I share that story because that is what I hope to do by telling our story.  Not to glorify ourselves in any way, but to simply tell what God did in our lives and how His power was displayed.  I hope that you will be inspired by our story.  I know it will be good for me to tell it again.

(by the way, I got the cute saying at the top here.)


  1. Benay, I am looking forward to hearing your story. I've wondered how you guys did end up in Brazil. I know it will be really neat to see how God positoned himself throughout the process. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Acho que vai ser realmente inspirador conhecer esta historia, estou anciosa.