Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy Birthday, Kevin!!

Today is my husband's birthday.  HAPPY!

I am still in the USA and he is in Brazil.  SAD!

But, as he has told me, it is just another day.  We will celebrate when I get home on Wednesday (only 3 more days!).

In keeping with the Blume birthday blog tradition, I have asked our kids to write something special about their dad on his birthday.

At our new sponsoring church recently, someone who doesn't know Kevin that well yet, said that he was surprised to learn that Kevin is a big cut-up.  You will see from these words about their dad (and the pictures), that our kids, who know him VERY well, love to cut up and goof around with their dad.  And vice versa.

So here goes:

Giovanni:  happy fathers day!happy birthday dad! hi dad! you are so beautiful dad and you are so mean to mean dad! and i went to sogipa with dad and anderson! i love dad!

Anderson:  dad you are so cool, the only bad thing about you is that you are a big fat goober! Happy birthday! i love you! anderson
Carys:  Dad is the best dad ever i couldn't ever ask for a better one he always makes me laugh when i am sad and i wish i could be there today for his birthday but when i get there i am obviously going to do something special for him when i get there i loovvveee you dad!!!
Garrett: dad is the BEST dad in the world!! i love doing stuff with him, and spending time with him! a specially love wrestling with him, but i feel sorry cause i always beat him! i love you dad! happy bday!
Ansley:  DADDY POO, I LUH YOU, YOU SO NICE, I LUH YOU. did you like that rhyme that i made for you, daddy? well daddy, i love you so much. and i hope that you have an AMAZING day and know that we LOVE AND MISS YOU SO SO SO MUCH. sorry for never calling you daddy. now im making up for it. LOVE YOU, DADDY!!!
Bronwyn: Happy Birthday Dad!!!! I hope you have a great day today in the man cave! Thank you for being such a great dad. I love talking to you and beating you up when I'm home. Thank you for always calming me down when I call you and reminding me to have fun. I love you!! Love, your favorite child.

Me:  Simply said, you are the greatest blessing that God has given me.  I love you so much.  Thank you for treating me like a queen and being patient and loving with all my shortcomings.  I can't wait to get back to Brazil and be with you (and the boys, of course.)  I love the way you never stop growing, never stop trying and never giving up on being the best husband, dad, missionary, whatever that you can be.  Thanks for inspiring me to do the same.  KISS KISS - HUG HUG.

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