Friday, August 10, 2012

To my guys (day 2)

Hey Guys!

Well, today was a travel day (again).  I drove and Carys did this:

Guess where we went.  Here are some clues.....

Did you guess?
Here are some bigger clues:

Granna, Grandaddy, Ansley, Carys and I all miss you and wish you were here with us.  On the agenda for tonight:
Ansley and Spencer are going to see Batman.  Carys might go with them.
We are eating barbecue for supper.  The best barbecue ever with watery sauce.
It is thundering outside and I bet it is going to rain.

Tomorrow I think we will go shopping. I am glad that we won't be traveling anywhere else at least for a few days.

I love you guys and miss you a bunch!

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  1. Miss you a bunch but sure don't miss pouring water over my barbeque sandwich! Love you!