Monday, August 20, 2012

To my guys (day 12)

Hey guys!

I don't have a lot of time right now, and the rest of the day will probably be pretty busy.  Ansley and I are going to meetings starting at lunch time until supper time.  Learning all about ACU, her classes, etc.

But, I wanted to show you some pictures from the past few days:
Said good-bye to the Terry's on Saturday morning.

Our welcoming crew at ACU:  Stephen and Andrew Dillard

Grandmommy took a risk and opened the back door of the car - it was packed so full that stuff fell out.


Room rearranging:  Tyler, Erika's boyfriend (in the plaid shorts), Branson, Erika's brother and Robert, Erika's dad, moved the furniture all around until the girls were happy with it.

Sweet Jeanene Reese came by to check on the girls.

Big sisters and little sisters - all cared for and loved by this sweet "substitute" mom.

Grandmommy and Carys are working on Ansley's bulletin board - filling it with pictures.

We ate lunch with the Cranfords on Sunday at the Zellers' house.

Grant.  Same as always and even more.

Abigail, Riley, and Carys lost no time in renewing their friendship.  They hung out all afternoon. (I was going to say "played" all afternoon, but they are too big to "play" so, they "hung out".)

Moms and Daughters - This is why I am so glad that I got to come and do this.  Thank you!

Grandmommy, Stephen and Bronwyn working on painting her room.  It is going to be so cute.

Ansley's bed - almost finished.

Her bulletin board looks great.

Erika's bed looks really great, too.
Well, I'm running out the door now to start the afternoon of meetings.

I miss you all!


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