Tuesday, August 14, 2012

TMG (day 6)

Not a lot of words for today.  Here's the day in pictures.
She's a good driver - so far.
Packed full car.

Guess who snoozed in the backseat again.

Our lunch choice.

Pigging out.  Ansley had already "eaten" lunch at Granna's house.  So she just got a snack - a corn dog.

Ansley liked Abe's.  It was her first time.
I woke up with a stomach ache this morning.  Then I made the smart decision to eat at Abe's for lunch.
Now - not feeling so great.
Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

Love you guys,

PS.  Here is a picture of Grandaddy and his grandmother.  Does he look like Garrett to you?

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