Thursday, August 23, 2012

To my guys - counting down now - 6 days left!

Hi Guys,

Sorry about not posting yesterday.  Lack of computer access again.

I wanted to tell you about something really neat that we got to see on Tuesday night.  It was the Candlelight Devo that is a tradition at ACU.

All of the kids who aren't freshman, and a lot of teachers and other adults, line up in a path and hold candles.  They all start to sing really pretty devotional songs and then the freshmen walk through the path on their way to an outside theater.  As they walk along and listen to the singing, sometimes people jump out of the line to give someone a hug.

As the freshmen get to the amphitheater they start lining up and filling in the seats, and then they get candles and start singing, too.  Then there is a little speech by one of the teachers at ACU.

It was really, really neat.  Grandmommy, Carys and I got to line up with Bronwyn, Stephen and all of their friends as the freshmen walked through.  Then we listened to the speech which was really, really good.

Here are some pictures:
This is the Bible building.  The sky looked so pretty as we got to the campus.

A group of freshmen was meeting on the grass.  We saw a girl from the back with blonde, curly hair and thought it was Ansley, but it turned out to be someone else. 
This is called the Tower of Light.

As Grandmommy said as we were leaving, "This was worth the whole trip."

It was really, really neat and, again, I am just so thankful that Bronwyn and Ansley are at such a pecial place with such loving people.

Love you all,

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  1. Beautiful pictures Benay and what an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing.