Saturday, August 11, 2012

To my guys, (day 3)

Dear guys,

Today is a great reason why this was a girls' trip and not a family trip.

Today we shopped.  And then we shopped some more.  And then we ate a quick lunch and then shopped some more.

Little guys, big guys and just guys in general would not have loved it.  Or even liked it.

Trash cans, canvas shoes, jewelry holders, hangers, laundry hampers, t-shirts, tank tops, sandals, room decor.......

(don't worry, dad, we only bought the necessary things, didn't go overboard, and got good deals).

So, I don't have an exciting blog post AGAIN!  Sorry!

Here is proof of our day:
So, that's it for today.

There should be some more exciting action to report tomorrow, though.

I miss you all!!!

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  1. If I hear the word shopping again I'm going to barf! Anderson